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My Very Own Asylum

...Just for me

18 July
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    Hi, well, this is the usual boring introduction just in case some of you have a keen knowledge on gathering some information about me for whatever apparent and/or twisted reason you might have. My name's Jen and I'm 16 years old (since July 18th). Just in case someone wants to get me something nice for my birthday, flowers would do just fine. I attend High School at: Vanden, a small, shit school in Vacaville, CA- Where I am now a sophmore. I can speak two langauges, English fluently and Im still workin on French.
    My Favorite Color is Green. My favorite animal is a moose, and I would give anything to own one. Music is my Passion, if It weren't for music, and friends; I'd probably be dead right now. Some of my favorite bands are; Hot Hot Heat, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Modest Mouse, Jack Off Jill, Mineral, Misfits, Deathcab For cutie, Vendetta Red, The Cure, Retard-O-Bot, Days in December, Thursday, and The Juliana Theory, I also enjoy local bands.
   I HOPE I FIND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE ONE DAY.. Someone who enjoys long talks on the phone late at night, someone who wouldn't mind waking up early and going for walks in the park, someone who likes candles as much as I do, someone who'll drive me to san fransisco just to watch the sunset on the boardwalk, a hopeless, lost, lonely, romantic like myself...

This is me. Don't like it? Die.
I'm yer Jesus whether you like it or not.

If I was beautiful like you :: Canadian, brown hair, short hair, brown eyes, white, tanned skin, four piercings, five'seven, blushes a lot, atheist, mental, black eyeliner, chuck taylors, cries too much, random.
Pets :: Two Mutts named Libby and Justice, A Kitty named Grace, and Fish named; Mr. Wattsworth, Moby, Our Darla, and Red Phish.
Collection obsessions :: Anything leopard print,checkered stuff,watches,rubber bracelettes, cds, shoes, magazines, nailpolish, anything green, moose
Let's all go to the movies :: Beetlejuice, edward scisorhands, donnie darko, the nightmare before christmas, killbillv.1, killbillv.2, the village.

Well, I have a lot of icons, So I figure- I'll just post em here since im not allowed to upload more than three, please don't steal them- they were made for me, hold your mouse over each image to see who made them. :) Kthx.

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    Credits; Thank you DelphicDemise for the Wonderful header, and Thank you Nichoel for this beautiful Userinfo Header! Love to you both, and lots of it :) <3333333333

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